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I was encouraged to write a "Black Book" or a grimoire for years, but never thought I needed it... I was wrong.  Everything I have learned has gotten mixed up, lost, or changed from trying to remember everything (names mixed up, specific paths confused etc.) that I have read over the years.  I have a notebook that I write these in, but I would like to post this online for a few reasons, the main one being that if something happens to my notebook (I would cry my eyes out) I have another place for my notes and essays.  I also would like to be able to share my beliefs for those who are curious or are looking for others who have similar beliefs.  These will definitely be added to or changed as time goes on, and I am happy to share all of my beliefs with those who care to learn, but these are my beliefs, what I have found and agree with.  As such I probably will not include a link for most, but I will have a post that includes a list of my favorite links.

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