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Though I do not believe the events in the Christian bible took place, the characters I believe exist, but most are not shown in a way that I agree with. The demons are treated like horrible monsters because they believed that they were belittled and deserved better.  This was completely unfair.  Why should a being who is stronger, smarter, and capable of causing us extreme harm be forced to bow to us?  In any case, I never had an attachment to "god". Even when I was younger and lived with a heavily Christian family, the religion always seemed off to me.  As I grew up and began looking for information I learned that I did not agree with any part of Christianity.  The more I read, the more angry and embarrassed I became.  Animal sacrifice, human sacrifice, intentional torture, slavery, and the hypocrisy of Jehovah sickens me.  The seven sins and the ten commandments are often, if not constantly broken, and many Christians not only agree that this is right, but are completely fine with being walked all over.  In modern times sins, hypocrisy, human and animal sacrifice, child abuse, and tormenting followers are attributed to Satanism/Devil Worship.  Most Theistic Satanists do none of these things.  I use the word most because I met one boy, a young teenager who was confused and angry because of the abuse he suffered at the hands of extremely religious, who went to popular culture as a means of finding his place.  Within a week he had learned that Satanism was not a way of getting revenge on a specific person or group, but a real religion that was about gaining strength and wisdom, as well as finding knowledge and standing up for our rights.  Eventually this boy decided that he was an atheist, but he does stand up against all those who don't know what we are really about and helps to give others a small peek into our minds and beliefs.  We do commit the "sins" of most religions, but this is because they are our natural instincts and suppressing them can drive us mad or cause us to spiral into depression.  This does not make us monsters.  We are strong, independent, and do not want to be walked all over and controlled.  The Christian "god" is sadistic, controlling, hypocritical, power mad, and not deserving of our worship.  This leads me to another point.  Most people who worship Jehovah (or any name he goes by) spend their entire lives searching for their god and never find anything that proves to them that he exists.  Not at least acknowledging his followers is bullshit.  An old Amish saying goes "You need not call the Devil, he will come without calling."  I love this, and it is very true.  We do not need to look for our Lords, they get curious and come to us in their own time, which is more often then not very quickly. 

As I said before, I am not sure if the Christian god exists or not.  There are so many cultures whose religion has a "good" and "evil" god as well as other (supposedly) not quite so powerful supernatural beings who serve one or the other leader.  The similarities between so many religions from far away cultures does make me wonder, so I believe that there is a sort of war between two or more deities or groups that humans have noticed and are picking their sides.  As I have already stated I do not believe that the events depicted in the Christian bible occurred as they were written.  Even so, they are useful resources when confronted by someone who believes you are trying to kidnap their child for use as a sacrifice or a toy... *shudder*

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