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I believe that there is some form of afterlife, that our soul is recycled again and again, or settles in the afterlife we choose.  For me that afterlife would be Hell.  I don't fear this outcome, simply because I do not agree with the Christian concept of Hell.  I believe that Hell is part of the Astral Plane.  Maybe those who worshipped Jehovah but were rejected by him will be tortured there, but this will not pertain to me, so I honestly don't particularly care.  I believe that Hell will be a place where I can learn and would not involve my unending torture.  As for my soul, I'm not sure what will happen to it after I die.  I might become a demon, or be trapped in Hell for eternity working in the service of a demon.  As I have said, both of these outcomes will suit me well and I am sure I will be very content.

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