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Religion is as old as human culture itself, and there are many religions that predate those we follow today.  Not only that but they can be traced back to specific areas, where precursors of our modern religions originated.  Personally I believe that angels, demons, older gods (such as Egyptian, Greek, Shinto, etc.) are the same type of entity.  They may even be representations of the same entities, but are interpreted differently because those who see them would struggle to comprehend what they are seeing and will interpret it as whatever they could make some sort of sense of.

Within the thousands of cultures around the world, each seems to have extremely different beliefs, deities, customs, and morals.  On closer examination though, all religions share many of the same basic ideas as well as similar gods, goddesses, or servants of their gods, and a darker "Satan" figure who also has followers and/or servants under him or her... This leads me to believe that most religions have a similar beginning.  They may have split off when different groups did not agree and created their own cult and the process has been repeating itself since then.  Humans by nature are hardheaded and have difficulty getting along sometimes, and we see new religions popping up every day, which is proof enough for me.  Though I am not stating fact. Another possible reason for the similarities between religions could be that humans all have a fundamental need for guidance or to have an entity (or many) that they can look up to.

Originally cultures around the world worshipped many gods, but each god or goddess had a cult that identified with them specifically, this may have been the beginning of monotheism as the other gods may have been seen as not-so-important and slowly evolved into servants of the main god.

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Posted on 12:58PM on Feb 5th, 2013
Actually on a note, most if not all of those predating religions are still believed in, they either have a different name, or due to the society of your origin you may never have been exposed to them.

I enjoy this article, it is a thoughtful type of thought :) (I suppose the best kind of thought are the thoughtful kind)
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