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When I first found Satan I simply called myself a Satanist.  Anything with Anton LaVey's name in it I ignored because I did not agree with his concept of the self being more important than Satan, Lucifer, or any Demon and I was more focused on finding others who agreed with me.  I agree with many of the beliefs he outlines, most sound like he took Theistic Satanism and switched it up a bit to make it something that suits his needs.  Anyway, I never found another group I completely agreed with (surprise, surprise).  There are so many different covens out there and I fit in completely with none of them.

     After numerous experiences with those who assumed that I was LaVeyan and accused me of being an attention seeking atheist, I labeled myself a Theistic Satanist.  Some ignored me completely after this, others verbally assaulted me, many more tried to convert me, but after six months or so I stopped receiving abuse.  Sure people didn't agree with me, but when I was not trying to get attention for it and didn't bring up religion whenever possible, most of the kids in my school forgot about it.  Even in my heavily Christian hometown I was basically left alone.  No household pets went missing, cattle were not slaughtered in their pastures, and the areas churches were left intact, so no one gave me trouble.  Now if anything like that had happened I would have most definitely been blamed for it, but that is of no concern now.

     I also use the term "Devil Worshipper" when I am talking to those who are genuinely interested in learning, if I use this term with some other people who do not know me they tend to slowly back away... but Devil Worshipper is simply a term for a Satanist with the traditional theistic beliefs (that Satan and his demons are actual entities), but it sounds scary and has a negative perception because of popular culture and the media.  Most often I refer to myself as a Theistic Satanist; same meaning, slightly less scary term.

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Posted on 10:33PM on Feb 18th, 2013
This does make sence.
Posted on 09:55PM on Feb 19th, 2013
Thank you, I've been thinking about this for years, but this is the first time I am actually writing it down. :)
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