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I want to start by saying that I do not believe that the Christian bible shows the true Satan.  There are so many adversary figures in world religions, these may be either different interpretations of the same person, or they may be separate entities.  There are many similarities, but just as many if not more differences.  Because of this I don't believe that we can say for sure if they are the same until we are lucky enough to meet them, though I am very much leaning towards the idea that all of the worlds lords of evil are different entities... though, the ancient Greeks and Romans, for example, have a scarily similar religion to Christianity...  I reject the Christian bible as an authoritative guide to history, as often as it has been torn apart, glued together, and censored I believe that there is little, if any, truth to it.  Because of this I also reject the bible's form of Satan, Lucifer, and all of the "fallen angels". As such I do not look to Judeo-Christian sources as a learning tool, nor do I draw any of my beliefs from them.  I will say though, that turning what is in written in the Christian bible against those who say that we abuse or kill innocent animals and children is pretty entertaining... Anyway, I believe that Satan has been the Lord of Hell since long before Judaism, Catholicism, and Christianity came about.  Even if "Satan" is another name for Set, or Hades, or any other adversary deity that I can't think of at the moment....  Some demons may have been angels before, I will not argue that anyone can turn to the dark side, or that certain events in the bible did or did not take place, I just do not assume that they did because a collection of stories made thousands of years ago says so. This same book also said that dinosaurs did not exist, but we have enough physical proof of that to put together a basic timeline of prehistoric times. If that doesn't tell you anything I don't know what will.  To clarify, I do not know exactly what Satan's backstory is, or if any human knows for sure, but it is something that I would like to find out for myself, but not by mindlessly reading one book.

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